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I've relied on Bel and her team at "The Woofer Walkers" to walk my dog, charlie ever since I broke my hip 18 months ago and couldn't walk him myself. When Charlie would come home from his outings with "The Woofer Walkers" he was a much happier and calmer dog than I had ever known. My hips eventually healed but I continue to use "The Woofer Walkers" to walk Charlie because I am 72 years old and I cant walk him as fast as he would like. He gets far more exercise running and playing on his outings with The Woofer Walkers than I could ever possibly provide to him. I highly recommend The Woofer Walkers to anyone who has a dog and would like their dog to be calmer and happier.

J Garret
Richmond BC.

"The Woofer Walkers" are wonderful! If I didn't have this service to rely on I don't know what I would do! I work very long hours and without woofer walkers I would have no one to walk my yellow lab, Percy. I don't make very much money because i am a janitor and woofer walkers only charge me $20 to take Percy for the whole day! Percy used to be shy and a little bit aggressive when he met other dogs, but now that he goes to woofer walkers every day, he is much braver and happier and he loves to play with all dogs now. We have no more aggression problems with Percy anymore. Woofer Walkers are Fantastico! Thank you Woofer Walkers !

A Desanti

Richmond BC.
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